Friday, 14 October 2011

Time for a steady hand...

I recently started a cake icing class and last week we had to bring royal icing so that we could learn to pipe with it. We made piping bags from greaseproof paper and then were given a choice of designs to pipe. I chose Hello Kitty, partly because she's cute but mostly because it looked like the easiest option. I'm not one to turn down a challenge, but having never tried piping before, and having a slightly shaky hand whenever it should really stay still, even the easiest option was going to be a challenge!

We put the designs on top of a tile or cake board then put a piece of microwavable plastic on top (microwavable meaning it is food safe and thicker than cling film, rather than that it was going to go in the microwave). After that it was time to pipe away. The first job is to pipe the outline and then let it dry. After that, the icing should be watered down slightly and then you 'flood' the different sections of the design, still using the piping bag.

It took a long time. However, the results were better than anticipated - my hand stayed just steady enough. It was difficult, but not so difficult or disastrous that I won't try it again. And somehow it even survived the rain on the way to the car. Now I just have to decide what to do with it...


  1. Your Hello Kitty (whatever one of those is) is fab. You should either eat it, or frame it and put it on your wall! I can't imagine what the other options were if that one was easy... Especially if you have to draw the shape freehand, or can you trace from a design on paper below the cling film?

    How big is it? I can't tell how big or small it is from your pic. Is it big enough for a big cake or a cupcake?

  2. It's about 3 inches tall - currently stored on its plastic in a box, waiting to be used! I'm not eating it, I don't like royal icing very much! It was traced which does make it much easier - unless my hand starts shaking!