Thursday, 24 March 2011

Back to my eight-year-old self...

After having a few hectic days at work I decided to make something for my lovely team as we were all in need of something. I had already been planning to make some Easter crispy cakes at some point as there was a large box of cornflakes in the kitchen, so whilst dinner was cooking last night I reverted to my eight-year-old self and made my crispy cakes. It was nice to make something really simple that doesn't require any weighing! And, of course, it brought back memories of making them when I was much younger (including the time when I managed to set a tea towel on fire - don't ask).

Today ended up being just as manic and busy at work. My lovely buddy had also made her excellent banoffee pie which was utterly delicious and got us through the morning. I decided that I would save the crispy cakes for the afternoon and once the lid was taken off mid-afternoon the crispy cakes disappeared pretty much instantly - we were definitely all in need of something chocolatey!

I added raisins into the crispy cakes and put a mini egg on top of each one so that they became Easter nests.

They might be simple and not require any baking talent, but there's something so good about them!

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