Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Coffee cake #1

There's something nice but a little scary about trying out a new cake recipe. I always worry that the new cake won't be as good as any previous ones and wonder whether I should have stuck to a trusted old recipe. This time, however, I had to try out a new one as I had a request for a coffee cake and (not being a coffee drinker) I had never made one before. I decided that I'd better try a test one before the real one was needed and it went down pretty well. After my other half had tried it I took the rest to work where it disappeared quite quickly!

I used proper ground coffee but, due to the aforementioned lack of coffee drinking, I don't own a cafetière or similar. The trick, I found, was to strain the coffee through an old, clean handkerchief. It worked very well and although next time I would make the coffee for the sponge a little stronger, the cake received lovely compliments.

This is a coffee cake with coffee buttercream icing.

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