Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sugar roses

I have been desperate to try making sugar roses for a while but most guides on how to do this involve various tools which I don't have. I decided at the weekend to try making one without any petal cutters or specialist glue with some leftover sugarpaste icing. The icing is white and this isn't the colour I would choose but for test purposes it did the job. I was reasonably happy with the result since it was the first time I'd made a sugar flower, but I will keep trying until I can perfect it. I did come to the conclusion that I need practice, but probably not cutters - you can flatten blobs of icing into the right shape without the need for expensive cutters. Water also sticks them together just fine. What I would like is wire or something similar which they can be stuck on, and a polystyrene block to stick the wires into so that they can be held up to dry. Watch this space for progress!

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